Beste behandling for Akne er ZO Medical 3-Step Peel™

Se hvordan Ella Harvey fra Harvey’s Skin and Beauty klarte å vinne kampen mot akne. Les hvordan hun ble kvitt akne problemet med medisinsk hudkrem program fra ZO Skin Health og ZO Medical 3-Step Peel ™. Resultatet ble over all forventing. Hun oppnådde huden hun alltid har ønsket.


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#MyClearSkinJourney Day 3 – not my most attractive look, but I will soldier on making these videos to show clients the process! 🙂 Probably looks a lot worse then it is. It is very tight around the mouth so difficult to eat anything I am living off soup and cups of tea! Yesterday was difficult for me and I was wondering if my acne was bad enough to have had this treatment, I suppose I didn’t realise what it would feel like as I have only a light peel to compare it to and they are completely different! I am a lot more positive today and looking forward to all of the skin coming off so I can see the results! I will be keeping a skin diary for my #acne journey. Follow my page to see how I get on! #skin #London #beauty #acnetreatment #acneproblems #acnescars #zoskinhealth #3steppeel #obagi #wigmoremedical #clearskin #guernsey #jersey #skinade #breakouts #scars

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Ella Harvey is founder of Harvey’s Skin and Beauty

Ella Harvey is founder of Harvey’s Skin and Beauty. Read more here

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